Thank you for your interest in our services. Please see our portfolio for examples of our work. Besides listing what we can do for you, this page (at the bottom) also lists some of the things we don’t do. 

New Brands
Corporate identity, brand strategy, brand development and brand guidelines and more. 

Existing Brands
Over a decade of experience working with international clients with existing brand and style guidelines, maintaining brand consistency in Asia. 

Print Graphics
Brochures, user manuals, data sheets, leaflets, annual reports and other editorial projects.

Packaging Design
Above and below the line design of product packaging.

Digital Media
From creating content for WeChat to developing digital solutions for sales and marketing.

Video Production
We do in-house storyboarding, creating teasers, on-location video production and all other post-production work.

Corporate Gift
Design out-of-the-ordinary well designed gifts (not another pen!). 

Print and Production Management
Identification of qualified suppliers/printers, management of jobs, quality assurance and delivery to clients all over the world. 

Booth/stand design and build. 

Product Graphics
Graphics for products. 

On-screen Graphics
User interface design, interaction design and email newsletter design. 

GUI and Web Sites
Designing graphical user interfaces (GUI) to designing websites to building standards compliant web sites that are search engine friendly.

What We Don’t Do
We don’t provide an outsourcing service to other design firms.