January 1, 2022

Give A Tree

Plant for the Planet is AccorHotel’s (Click here to learn more) sustainable development program that has been making waves and successful impact on the environment since its inception in 2009.

Last year (2018)’s initiative was a four month long online fund raising and awareness campaign called “Give a Tree” – people were encouraged to grow a tree as a unique gift for loved ones. More than 100 hotels and resorts within the group participated in this campaign, with 27 million audiences touched across Chinese social media platforms.

We’re thrilled to be a continuous partner of AccorHotel in this special endeavor and offer our services where we can help, designing concepts to contribute to the purpose. This year we designed the campaign’s logo and key visual that were used across various channels.

The tree doodle shaped like a bow. We wanted to convey the “gift of giving” – not only a gift to your loved ones but an indispensable gift to mother nature.

The same concept we incorporated into the campaign’s Key Visual: a golden ribbon wrapped around a seedling. It might seem to be just a small gift at first glance, but baby steps lead to big differences especially when we’re all continuously working towards the same goal, year by year.

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