Kempinski Owner’s News

A quarterly publication given to Kempinski owners, we have helped support the localization of the English version sent from Europe into Chinese language. We also helped to print and deliver to the Kempinski regional headquarters in Beijing.

A special edition of the Owner’s News features the 120th Anniversary of Kempinski. This edition required several testing on different cardstocks and printing effects in order to match what was done in Europe. And because of the small print run and the complicated cover printing effects, supervision during printing was a necessity.

▲ Owner‘s News 120 Anniversary

▲ Owner‘s News 2016

▲ Owner‘s News No.2

▲ Owner‘s News No.1

DescriptionLocalizing into Chinese a quarterly publication for Kempinski hotel owners.
What we didTranslation, Copywriting, Layout, Printing
Tags Kempinski , Editorial design , Printing , Delivery , Translation , Copywriting