May 5, 2019

Readying Luxurious Master Residences Yichuan for Launch

Our project with Ningxia Master was one of the most complex we’ve ever done. Multi-faceted, under a tight timeline and a bar of quality set high - we’re proud to have delivered, adding another notch on our belt as we created value for an industry new to us at that time.

The Logo

First things first. We had to perfect the branding elements for Master Residences Yinchuan before it launches. We designed the estate’s logo back in 2014 with much thought and care as it should be able to encapsulate the sophisticated vision the whole project was essentially built on.

▲ The face of Master Residences Yinchuan.

Sales Materials

We designed an exquisite 48-page booklet targeting potential customers of Master Residences of Yinchuan.  Not your average sales pamphlet, we wanted to go all out on this out and exemplify even the smallest details on what makes the estate special. Each aspect of the booklet was meticulously chosen to reach the ideal result of our client: from the cover material, to the printing effects on the endpapers and even the headband for the spine.

▲ Contemporary, clean yet completed details of the estate’s ins and outs.

A data sheet was also derived from the booklet to help the sales team give a quick overview of the property.

▲ English and Chinese versions of the 4-page data sheet were produced.

We designed a newspaper advertisement to announce the opening of the luxurious residential property.

▲ The advertisement was published in “The Yinchuan Daily”.

Getting Ready For the Launch

To commemorate the first Open House, we designed a special invitation card that reflects the cultural influences of Yinchuan. The design involved testing the laser cut motif, choosing the right cardstock that will withstand the process, and the quality of metallic foil printing. We were personally running around town just to make sure we’re finding the right tassel to use and getting the seal engraved correctly.

▲ A handmade tassel sealed with a signature wax seal creates a sense of exclusivity and excitement.

Also, a bespoke notepad, encased in a custom-made box, was produced to serve as a gift for the guests. The soft leather-bound notepad was designed to easily fit inside a suit pocket or a folio case. The cover was heat-stamped with the logo of Master Residences Yinchuan.

▲ A large branded carry bag to add to the charm.

Prestigious Books for Homeowners

We designed two books -

The first one is a coffee table book designed for the keepsake of homeowners. This book promotes the Master Residences lifestyle which boasts of visual inspirations from all over the world. It’s basically a storybook about Master Residences Yinchuan.

▲ A visually engrossing storybook about Master Residences Yinchuan.

The second one is like a ‘bible’ for homeowners. This 248-page hard-bound limited edition is meant to give homeowners a comprehensive look into the immense value of their investment. This book proudly showcases the architectural aspects of the residences including materials used, technology incorporated, sustainability goals, and the luxurious aesthetics.

▲ Presenting the architectural aspects of the residences including materials used, technology incorporated, sustainability goals, and the luxurious aesthetics.

As important as the design concepts were the physical outcome of these books. Huge amount of efforts were placed into making sure the materials and finishing were of the best quality and as envisioned by the project’s director. A luxurious feel was what we aimed for, and that’s what we got in the end.

▲ A testimonial from the project conceptualizer Andrew W. Morse of Digital Tsunami

This project was indeed complex, but we take pride in how we always prioritize quality over speed. Especially for a launch project like this, it’s important that we perfect each step of the way given branding is a primary factor to attract potential investors and create an impressive image in the luxury real estate market.

We specialize in crafting brand stories and translating these into unique visual collateral. For more projects like this, please drop us an email at