January 1, 2015

Xperience With Iggesund

Yaean was specially invited to an interesting event called “xPerience with Iggesund” organised by the local Iggesund branch featuring the latest eco-friendly Invercote range of paper products.

On exhibit were uniquely crafted paper packaging as well as the latest in laser cutting process using cold temperature thus avoiding the burnt residue at the back of the paper with the hot laser beams. It was quite exciting and interesting seeing these new inspiring displays.

A special guest, Isabel Uria, from the US, was invited to give a talk about breaking the boundaries of paper crafting and we were fortunate to have a chance to do a hands-on experience using one of Uria’s work sample.

The event was quite interesting that we ended up lingering and looking at the samples over and over. It was a fruitful outing which has opened a lot of inspirations for any future project for our clients.