April 4, 2017

The Craft Room | Travel Journal Australia


This travel journal has taken the longest to complete I think, out of the travel journals I’ve made. One of the reasons was I did not do any of the pages while on this trip because I ran out of batteries on my Instax Share just as I was about to start on it. And by the time we found the batteries, we were nearly at the end of our trip! So I only did this entire journal after returning to Shanghai in between the crazy work schedule.

But it is finally done and glad to be sharing some of the pages.

This notebook was actually done last year when we were initially slated to go to Australia so had to cover up the ‘2016’ initially stamped under the ‘2017’ tag.

This spread below is one of my favourite because of the vellum and the ink splatters I got to add.

This day was all about the road trip we took and I quite like the simplicity of the spread. I printed a screenshot I took of the Google map of our route.

This map of Sydney folded perfectly as an extra “insert” and gives a great overview of the city and the places we went to.

Above is one of the memorable things we did in Sydney – surfing lessons in Bondi Beach. Love all the vibe of the place. I also love the way this spread turned out.

And the traditional ‘age stamp’ at the end of my travel journals – to document how old each of us were at that time. {I’m old, I know…LOL!!!}

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Thank you for looking.