January 1, 2018

The 24 Solar Terms | Spring

Chinese lunar calendar represents the signs of seasonal changes. By observing the cycle of the sun and after thousands of years of repeated cycles, our ancestors found the law of all things changing over the course of time. 

Even though the dynasties have changed, this law is still as precise as it has been throughout history and serves as a guideline for each generation through the spring, summer, autumn and winter. This law is a calendar, a culture, a verbal communication between us and nature, and will still guide us in the next millenniums to come.

As we usher in Spring, we want to share one of the 300 famous Tang dynasty poems.
This is a translation and annotation of the poem 春曉 (Chūn Xiǎo),  “Spring Dawn”,  by the Tang dynasty poet 孟浩然 (Meng Haoran).

Spring Dawn

In Spring one sleeps, unaware of dawn;
everywhere one hears crowing birds.
In the night came the sound of wind and rain;
who knows how many flowers fell?

Source: Hugh Grigg (East Asia Student)