Saving The Planet, One Apple At A Time

Saving the planet, one apple at a time.

For many years AccorHotels has stayed true to its unwavering commitment in contributing to environment sustainability. Their Planet 21 program exactly does that as it consistently launches new initiatives to address ecological issues plaguing various communities across the globe including Greater China.

One of the successful campaigns they launched with non-profit organization The Zigen Fund was the “Plant for the Planet” back in 2009. Hotel guests are encouraged to reuse their towels, and savings made on water and energy are used to fund tree planting. The project has created jobs for local farmers, improved their standard of living, and gave them the opportunity to learn more about the importance of environmental protection, organic farming practices and biodiversity enrichment. Up to this day, they have already planted 53,000 fruit trees in an orchard plantation in Hebei.

▲ Photo courtesy of AccorHotels Greater China

▲ Photo courtesy of AccorHotels Greater China

To celebrate the anniversary of Plant for the Planet, a fun spin-off called “Apple for the Planet” was created to raise more awareness around the initiative’s cause. For a whole week, it was raining apples in different hotels under the AccorHotels group. Apple pies, apple cakes, and other yummy apple-based recipes were made and sold in hotel cafes and restaurants. Fifty percent of the proceeds were then donated to The Zigen Fund.

It was a pleasure to work with AccorHotels for this great cause. We designed the key visual that was used in different platforms. A world map etched across the apple surface – this is one of those instances when a picture is worth a thousand words, indeed.

AccorHotels is currently cooking up more awesome initiatives in their kitchen, and we can’t wait to dig in. Stay tuned, we will surely keep you posted!

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