Building A Visual Identity

In another special collaboration with Milliken, we played with asymmetry, linearities, spirals, gradience, and wide-ranging color palettes. It’s always been our personal favorite to work on free-ranging visualizations – with patterns, the creative output is always endless.

Stemming from the word cartography, Milliken’s new product collection Topography features intricate map-like patterns with discreet personalized symbols to add a seemingly neutral yet unique touch to spaces.

▲ Reference From Client

Our main objective is to create a visual identity for Topography which we can roll out to other marketing components. Staying true to the essence of the product, we drew inspiration from geography, natural landscapes, and elaborate vintage maps.

▲ Initial Concepts

We started with a handful of initial concepts. Through brainstorming sessions with the client, we progressively tweaked on the direction of the chosen concept. 

▲ Revisions

Adding more lines, multiplying the dots, and subtracting the excess, the final concept was simple top-view floor map illustrating how distinct forms can be fused together and still create a sense of cohesiveness. Our key visual was born.

▲ KV

We also designed the logo and slogan. Redefines your chartered space – it conveys the collection being able to inject special nuances to an otherwise static environment. 

▲ Logo and Slogan

With the key visuals, logo, and slogan finalized and in place, we rolled the idea out to different collateral:

▲ Post it notes in varying color tones and cover

▲ Wrapping papers with customizable symbols

▲ Clean-cut designed posters

One only needs to look closer to appreciate the beauty behind simplicity. As they say, it’s all about the little details that make all the difference.

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DescriptionDesign of a logo, brandline, key visual and collaterals for the Topography brand
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