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The pandemic in 2020 has certainly pushed us to redefine our social culture and how we interact with everyone and everything around us. Physical spaces have suddenly become constricted and a complexity that we all must reintegrate ourselves into with new sets of rules and conduct.

Milliken’s newly launched Boundaries series is not only relevant to this situation, but it also allows us to appreciate an entirely different spatial perspective in places where we spend the most time at. Milliken, with the help of this collection, helps us get accustomed to the post-epidemic era, or should we say, “the new normal”.

The series was launched to the market in June backed with various marketing activities, encouraging architects to better understand the design concept of the series and to draw creative inspiration from it.

Launching Boundaries
Exploring Spaces

Interactive SMART PDF Design Inspiration guide

This is an easy-to-use interactive manual where designers can explore the selection in the series and imagine how they can play around with various designs, colors, and accents. Included are mini animations that give designers a holistic spatial experience of the collection on site.

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Product Brochure

The inspirational brochure was designed to be simple and elegant and soft edges were applied to many of the graphics as to seamlessly blend the product and the scenes together, closely following the theme of Boundaries.

Kaleidoscope World
Webinar Part 1: A Creative Playground

This is an invitation for the event – to pass on the message that there is beauty in chaos, and, despite the hard times, we can still find beauty even in the smallest things. Designers all over the world were invited to the webinar to encourage them find creativity in their own backyard and explore infinite possibilities where no two kaleidoscopes are ever alike.

In the webinar, we did not only craft the PPT deck, but also created the tutorials for creating the kaleidoscope pattern, templates for designers to use and download video animations.

Look Book

The end-product of the Kaleidoscope webinar produced to showcase fantastic works of the designers who participated in the event and submitted their designs.



Boundaries: New Rules
Webinar Part 2: Setting New Boundaries

We held a second webinar to showcase the collection more in detail and how to leverage the product to the “new norm” in the workplace, tying the new safety rules in the post-epidemic era to the design concept of Boundaries where boundaries may exist but does not hinder the harmony among co-workers. This especially highlights Milliken’s exclusive program called the “Social Factor” which was designed to provide instructional, graphic solutions for social zoning in shared spaces. It features a collection of icons printed directly on their carpet tiles using their special PrintWorks technology. With this getting back to work can be safe, stylish, and seamless.



We enjoyed working on this visual feast for Milliken, particularly pulling in many elements and making them work cohesively, offering an eye candy page by page – just how designers can utilize the Boundaries collection and turn anything basic to imaginative. This is absolutely what we all want to see back in our offices in the new normal!

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