Entering a Sustainable New Year with Ariston

Ariston entered the New Year 2023 with a more sustainable vision in place, and the best way to manifest this is through their New Year gift box for their employees and customers. With a fresh brand strategy and design guideline, we closely worked with the brand team to bring this endeavor to life – red, loud, and proud.

“A More Sustainable World Starts at Home”

When we think of the word “sustainable”, nature and greeneries surely come first into mind... but in this case, we wanted to do something different that can represent another facet of the word while celebrating Chinese traditions. Red can mean Sustainable, too!

Our design concept revolves around Ariston’s slogan of “A More Sustainable World Starts at Home” which aptly captures the brand’s renowned heating appliances and the “sustainable” warmth within the family.

Here's what was included in the gift box:


We designed a calendar highlighting the small and meaningful moments that make a happy home.


We designed a calendar highlighting the small and meaningful moments that make a happy home.

Fu Diamond & Red Packets

An inverted Fu Diamond is typically hanged to the door all year round to welcome good fortune.

We can never be without red packets. We incorporated the same intricate design found in the Fu Diamond for a sophisticated touch coupled with the golden detailing of Ariston's brand. In this way, the "warmth" and good wishes can be passed on to their loved ones.


A handy planner in striking red. With a planner this pretty, we hope more people would stop forgetting to use their planners midway through the year.

We're happy how the gift boxes turned out especially at the thought that the different inclusions are functional and shareable. Stay tuned for future updates on how we can further support Ariston and their sustainability practices.

For more projects like this, email us at info@yaean.com.

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