A Design Perspective

This 248 page hard-bound book can be considered a comprehensive ‘bible’ for the homeowner. The book was designed to provide a detailed insight into aspects of the property which are only included in the most exclusive of residential developments.

This Master Residences Yinchuan book enables potential homeowners to understand the immense value of their investment.

This book showcases the enclave, community, architectural and interior aspects in meticulous detail: materials used, technology incorporated, sustainability and efficiency, luxury and aesthetics.

Due to the large (29cm square) format of the book, and the cover print finishes (debossing and metallic leaf), a cover material had to be selected to withstand repeated handling. The content was repeatedly refined to arrive at the end result, as envisioned by the project’s conceptualiser, Andrew W Morse of Digital Tsunami.Only limited copies were produced.

DescriptionDesign and printing of a 248pp hard-bound book with comprehensive technical details on Master Residences Yinchuan
What we didDesign, Printing, Distribution
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